Easter Parade 2002

Our first Easter parade of many. A very successful day. Sunny with only a few clouds. 14 cars gathered in the lower lot of Artspring. There were a lot of the general public out to see the cars, having read about it in the Driftwood. Most of us were in costume, befitting the vehicle. The Parade consisted of 2 63 Corvettes, a 67 Volvo P1800, 75 Alfa Romeo Alfetta, 63 Ford Falcon, 68 Jaguar, 58 MGA, 74 Jensen Healey, 49 Ford, 33 Ford Hotrod, 67 Camaro, 47 Chrysler, 60 Morgan and a 29 Model T which led the Parade through the crowds in downtown Ganges to the GVM parking lot. We paused at the lot at GVM for about 1/2 hr to allow more of the public to view the cars, then most of us reconvened for Lunch at Mobys. Not to bad a showing for the first major event of the year. A great day was had by all.

John and Linda, ready to go. Photo Derrick Lundy, Driftwood, Wed Apr. 3 2002