-Sept. 25th 2005-

It is with great sadness I have to bring you this News. We lost Ken Griffin last night to his second heart attach. As you all probably know Ken was a Co-Founder of the SaltSpring Antique and Classic Car Club. He was also a close personal friend. Ken and I not only had a common Brits Sports car interest but also Morgan interests. Ken and I met first here on the Island in 98 or 99, and really got acquainted at the All British Field Meet in Vancouver in the Spring of 2000. It was then that we decided to form the club here on Saltspring.

Ken was in the process of buying a smaller place in Coquitlam to be closer to his daughter Heidi and her husband Hames. They were in the process of moving, this past weekend and when all was moved in Ken walked back into the new place and Heidi heard a crash. Went in and had to call the ambulance who were there in 5 minutes but could not bring him Back.
Ken had a keen eye for cars and restored cars that were well done. He had many good ideas in the formation of the Car club and was a proponent of doing it the SaltSpring way as he would say. He also was full of ideas for the Canada day car show. Most of which were implemented and worked well. Ken's very positive attitude and commitment to the Saltspring Antique and Classic Car Club will sorrowfully be missed.

On the cool and rather blustery afternoon of Sunday Oct. 23rd The Saltspring Antique and Classic Car Club held a run from Downtown Ganges to the Fulford Inn via the back roads, This event was in memory of one of the clubs founders, Ken Griffin. We toured Beddis Rd., Cusheon Lk. Rd. and Stewart Rd. and on to the Fulford Inn. It was a route that Ken often enjoyed in his Jensen, TR6 and specially in his Morgan. 25 members and guests with 15 cars ran the route at a slow pace with headlights on. After a few photos we convened to the pub at the Fulford Inn to raise a glass to Ken. Kens daughter Heidi and her husband, Hames were present for the event, driving Ken's Morgan, and Ken and Pat Miles, Heidi's aunt and Uncle were also present. Ken will be fondly remembered by all his friends in the Saltspring Antique and Classic Car Club. This run will become an annual event here on the last Sunday in Sept.

Griffin Run Oct. 23rd 2005